What is Vtube.Finance?

VTube.Finance is multi-chain cryptocurrency project that leverages powerful blockchain technology to better serve the needs of our userbase. We operate our Decentralized Applications (DApps) on multiple blockchains.
A major focus of this project is working with Virtual Youtubers (VTubers) and opening up new revenue streams for them in the form of cryptocurrency based donation systems and NFTs.

Built on Products, not Promises

With the current state of newly launching tokens, most tokens promise the world but deliver nothing. We at VTube, believe in delivering products and build a reliable foundation. DApps are tested and developed for the utmost effiency.
Like with all products, the looks are just as important as their workings. Our products use modern design principles to generate a beautiful user interface. Afterall, who doesn't love a slick UI?


Meet our Partners

A demon who came to earth because she was accidentally summoned, likes it too much here to leave Solomon Academy Gen 0 Vtuber


Bullet Girl

A virtual demon girl here to make your day brighter than ever before! Always here to have fun and make friends with everyone! ♡ o(≧▽≦)o <

Mitsumono Rin

Demon Girl

A English/Filipino Vtuber and a genie. I learned about the internet, got addicted to video games, and became a Vtuber to meet new friends.

Koizumi Hoshi


Likes machines, romance, and games. She also likes to play games and sing songs.

Torii Kaname

Cutest Mechanic

Akira, for short Kiki - a demon girl who likes to stream games and wants to share happiness with my dear beans~ !

Akira Kiki

Demon Girl

A cute little shark girl who loves drawing, pizza, playing games and neat songs.

Yamer Pro

Shark Girl

I am Lawly Lawl, here to play video games and have a good time! I play a variety of video games, any game, anytime!

Lawly Lawl


World's first crypto currency Vtuber. Comfiest Neet from Comfy Token

Comfy Chan


I am a VTuber who plays blockchain games. If you're interested in blockchain games, let's interact!

Luin Aozora

Blockchain Gamer

DApp Ecosystem



Staking serves as an incentive for the community to contribute to the liquidity pool while also earning rewards that are far superior than standard PancakeSwap LP rewards
Provide liquidity on Pancakeswap for the VTUBE/BNB pair and stake the generated LP tokens on our platform

P2E: Crypto Chuubas

With the growing popularity of P2E (Play to Earn) blockchain based games, we decided to create one for our users. This game will help provide a strong usecase to VTUBE while rewarding the players with P2E mechanics
Chuubas are based on old school JRPGs like Final Fantasy Tactics and the mechanics of the game are taken from modern gacha games. This creates an unique feel to our game.


Crypto Donations Platform

Our Crypto Donations platform provides content creators a whole new avenue for monetizing their streams. Users can use the platform on most EVM compatible blockchains. The platform merges DeFi into Streamlabs by utilizing a trustless system governed by Smart Contracts
Available on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Harmony, OKEx Chain, & KCC